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Software crafted with agile domain management in mind, specializing in the optimization of domain portfolios large and small with unique publishing, development and auction features.

Website Builder


Dotboss wants to give you the perfect opportunity to sucessfully optimize your domains and maximize your asset management. Using Dotboss is the fastest way to increase value on your domains. Begin now and master your portfolio, invest in your names and build your future.

Solutions to everyday domain management challenges

Responsive dashboard with easy wizards
Add five, five thousand or fifty thousand domains
Functions apply en masse across domains or portfolios
Auto populates domain information from the web
Create portfolios, emails & relevant keyword lists 

Batch processing across your portfolio for fast website building and landing page distribution

Publish across your domains or portfolios en masse
Create sub-domains with keywords and content
Park your domains and develop them at the same time

Website Builder for landing pages, websites, marketplaces

 Use the Dotboss web builder to create your landing pages and websites
Increase SEO, rankings and overall value of your domain
Auto-Content news responsive template

Auction platform to list and sell domains

Create your own auction platform
Assign team members to be brokers
Add a pament system
Monitor in real time and generate sales leads
Watch what the market is doing
Monitor domain sales and prices


Website builder for domain investors
Auto checkout button
Auto PayPal code checkout button
Basic stats
Bulk & forwards email inbox creation

Bulk Add API from ad providers  ---  adsense,adcash

Bulk display case template

Bulk publishing
Bulk snippet & stylesheet deployment
Capitalization support
Custom landing pages 
Auto-Content news responsive template
Custom buy now pages

Detailed user logs

Domain history

Domain monitoring dashboard

Domain zoom

Double parking

External hosting support (cpanel-based)

SSL certificates powered by LetsEncrypt.

Generic buy now pages

Hierarchical structure

Live domain data

Point of sale system

Publishing scheduling

Real time stats

REST APIs access

Subdomain creation based on keyword value

Royalty-free auction platform

Royalty-free domain shop
Smart Bulk Add domains
Stream traffic logs to a central dashboard 
Task scheduling
History with auto pdf-screenshots
Unlimited users/brokers
Upload your own template
Drop & Renew decision trees
Real-time .TLD equivalency report.


*Free SSL Certificates on your domains when you sign up for hosting

*Hosting is $10/mo.


$ 21.95/mo.
The solo plan works great for name investors with under 1000 domains. With the responsive dashboard and easy to use management tools its a snap to get up and running. 
  • 1000 domains
  • Website builder for domain investors 
  • Deploy landing pages
  • Drag and drop bulk add
  • Responsive dashboard
  • Basic stats
  • Domain history
  • Website monitoring
  • Deploy marketplace
  • Free SSL certificates with DOTBOSS hosting
  • *DOTBOSS HOSTING required for this plan


$ 129/mo.
The ideal plan for portfolios up to 5000 domain names. Dynamic management & unique publishing features offer a complete solution, helping users make the most out of their portfolios.
  • All solo plan features
  • Website builder for domain investors
  • Up to 5000 domains
  • Detailed analytics report
  • Publishing tools
  • Bulk deployment of content
  • Automated SEO for 30 domains
  • Subdomain up to 100 domains
  • Free SSL certificates with DOTBOSS hosting
  • * Add increments of 1000 domains for $25 up to 5000 domains 


10,000 DOMAINS
$ 239/mo.
Perfect for large portfolios that need to be optimizing on a large scale and realizing domain revenue opportunities. 
  • All Solo and Pro features
  • Website builder for domain investors
  • Add up to 10,000 domains
  • Real time analytics
  • Auto SEO for up to 300 domains
  • Subdomain up to 1000 domains
  • REST API's
  • Add up to 5 brokers
  • Free SSL certificates with DOTBOSS hosting
  • * Add increments of 10,000 domains for $100 up to 50,000 domains 


DOTBOSS offers custom licensing for users with over 10,000 domains.
Want to use DOTBOSS on your own interface, with your own logo? With our full service implementation team and REST API's DOTBOSS can customize the system for your requirements. Do you have a specific functionality request? We specialize in custom software solutions for asset management. Contact us and we can talk about putting together your system requirements and a plan that is right for you.

Examples of landing pages, templates and built sites

use our templates, upload a site you've already built, use our builder to create a site or landing page , upload your own picture and add text or use our auto content feature- it's all up to you


Responsive Website Builder, tailored for Domain Investors.

Get hold of your digital portfolio, like a boss.